Ingredients of Cognifocus

9 July 2018

The official website of CogniFocus does not provide a full ingredient list of the product, however, it is claimed to start working only in 30 minutes after taking a capsule. What you are promised to feel with CogniFocus is a reinvigorating rise of energy boost that is going to last for a few hours. The manufacturer claims that this energy boost feels more natural than that achieved with coffee. However, one of the active ingredients in the product is caffeine. One serving of CogniFocus contains 150mg of caffeine, which is about the same amount in a big cup of strong coffee. The company says that they use whole green coffee beans as a source of caffeine. This kind of beans contain chlorogenic acid.

The amount of Chlorogenic Acid is reduced due to the process of roasting coffee beans. But what are the benefits of this acid? In fact, it is not described on the official website of the company, so you never know what exactly you are putting into your body. Nevertheless, it is mentioned that chlorogenic acid is included into the WGCP Blend of the supplement. In fact, the majority of CogniFocus (1645mg) consists of this WGCP blend. It would be wise to learn this component more deeply.

WGCP is an abbreviation of whole green coffee bean. This Blend consists of all of the compoundts found in green coffee beans. In fact, WGCP is a trademarked formula that contains chlorogenic acid, fiber, neochloregenix acid, feruloyquinc acid, dicaffeolyquinc acid, and natural caffeine. Unfortunately, there is no documented evidence of any studies performed of the WGCP blend. That is why we are not aware of any possible negative side effects associated with the use of this component. The formula does not seem to have been studied enough by any independent organization or researchers. It is unknown exactly what the recommended dosage of CogniFocus is.

However, the biggest problem with the WGCP blend is that it contains its caffeine which can be extremely harmful for some people. It is also unclear if that kind of caffeine can cause any side effects. We are going to answer this question in the next section of this review. CogniFocus seems to contain a great amount of caffeine (150mg in each serving) which makes this nootropic formula a strong caffeine pill. Thus, it is strictly prohibited to people who are sensitive to caffeine. But even if you are accustomed to caffeine, you may face such side effects as anxiety and jitters.

Other components of CogniFocus include Neochloregenix Acid, Feruloyquinc Acid, Decaffeolyquinc Acid, and Fiber. However, there is no information on these ingredients, except for fiber which takes part in creating a bulk of your stool. Let us have a look at possible unwanted side effects and adverse reactions associated with taking CogniFocus.

Where To Buy Cognifocus?

CogniFocus is available online and a few retail stores (amazon, gnc, walmart etc). One bottle of the supplement costs $56 USD. Three bottles can be bought for $96, five bottles are priced at $126, while seven bottles cost $156.


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